Good things to miss work for

March 22, 2012

Today I missed work because a friend of mine from Teachers College had invited me to be a judge at his school’s Humanities Fair.  This school also happens to be just a few blocks away from where I live–which is a good thing, because at breakfast I spilled a whole cup of coffee in my lap.  I was able to come home, change pants, and get back to the school in fifteen minutes, but I smelled like coffee the whole day.  And my friend’s colleagues were friendly enough to tease me mercilessly about it.

My friend gave my file number to his Assistant Principal, so I hope some work might come out of it.

In the afternoon, I had a preliminary phone interview with a charter school for a middle school job for 2012-13.  Let me tell you, I was exhausted just from that half-hour conversation.  State Standards and Common Core!  Data delving and results raking!  Cosmodemonic cross-curriculum collaboration!

Tomorrow, though, I have made myself unavailable to sub because I have an actual, face-to-face interview at a public school, this one for immediate hire.  If it works out, great.  If not, then it’s a trip to the Bronx that might be costing me $154.


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